Harnessing the Motion of Your Gait

During our walking journeys along and explorations of the Avon River, Anna recognized motion as our constant companion. Could we harness this motion?

In light of the fact that food often plays an important role in our projects, we embarked on a process of experimentation and the creation of prototypes to discover if the power of the river or the motion of our gait could churn cream into butter.

Experimentation proved our ankle and walking stick mounted micro-churns to be more successful than churns tethered in the river. After this discovery, we utilized these micro-churns for our Performative Walk on Dartmoor to make butter by harnessing the motion of our gait as we are walking to the Bronze Age settlement. The small pots were filled with organic cream at the trail head and approximately forty-five minutes later when we arrived at our destination the butter was nearly ready. After a few extra shakes the participants were able to spread their butter from their own micro-churns onto their teacake.