Approaching an Exchange

Potentizing Elements of our Lives, Cultures and Times

Becky shares the gift of salt in her Grandfather’s salt cellar at the Exchange on Dartmoor

Approaching an Exchange is a site-based, participatory project embodying an intercultural, inter-temporal “exchange” with the original inhabitants of prehistoric archeological sites. We invite small groups of people to these sites to participate. In preparation we ask them to bring an object or idea that reflects them personally, culturally or professionally to share with the original inhabitants and to identify a gift to offer and a gift to receive in exchange with those people. We can only interpret the past through our present experience and by the same token, perhaps we can learn about the present by reaching for perceptions of the past. Images and audio footage are archived from each site and edited into short films or other outcomes to be presented at future sites of the project as a means to connect the different sites tangibly, making visual and audible a growing community of exchange. The breadth of the project expands as the community of exchange participants grows. We hope you will join us at a site near you.

Click below Listen to a BBC Radio Devon interview about Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor


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