Radio Dreaming Pod Tour

Radio Dreaming explores how the land speaks through dreamers

Radio Dreaming is a 5-part Radio Adventure for Sound art and community radio, exploring edible landscapes, wild dreams and myths of the land.

To launch the series Claire and Anna return to its place of origin at Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark in Éire/Northern Ireland in April-May 2013. More about their Radio Dreaming Tour and the Place Dreamer Pod.

Place-Dreamer Pod

Place-Dreamer Pod

Approaching an Exchange

Potentizing Elements of our Lives, Cultures and Times

Approaching an Exchange is a site-based, participatory project embodying an intercultural, inter-temporal “exchange” with the original inhabitants of prehistoric archaeological sites. More….

If You’d Like To….

An Audio Installation

If you’d like to…. is an audio installation to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its strong adaptive potentials allow it to survive the diverse habitats and climates of various places. More…


Eating Time, Taming Food

Prehistoric Food Practice Experiments

Food is essential to our survival in any time and is one of the most direct connections to our environment. In the act of eating we consume our environment to sustain our bodies on a daily basis. More…


Harnessing the Motion of Your Gait

micro-churns in action

During our walking journeys and explorations of the Avon River, Anna recognized motion as our constant companion. Could we harness this motion? More….