What People Are Saying….

Radio Dreaming

“A lovely collage of sound – very gentle. You are needed on Radio 4!”
-Paul Buttle, listener

“Just listened to Radio Dreaming and I enjoyed it so much. It was really beautiful and soothing to listen to because I could sense how “in the moment” you guys were through your voices. I need more stuff like that in my life; Inspiring and interesting and a bit higher up on the cultural ladder that my usual forms of entertainment.”
-Jessica Scott, listener

“Just listened to the broadcast! So lovely to hear your voices again – it brought it all back – our trip with you on the water, the wee picnic, all your tales of the land and the dreaming….when’s the book out!? You seemed to capture the essence of the dreaming theme and I loved the way you brought in the local voices for the continuity etc. Creatively thought out!”
-Louise Hardman

“I’m loving the sounds, smells, textures, and virtual visuals of Radio Dreaming! It’s a ‘mini-vacation’ !!!”
-Gale Picard Dorion, listener

A wonderful project, reconnecting to and listening to inner/outer Nature is crucial in this time of ecological and ethical crisis. One thing I’d add though concerning the mentioned Irish potato famine is this: http://www.irishholocaust.org/thefoodremoval (it wasn’t just a natural disaster). Also on bees, worth mentioning is that their massive decline (which can bring fruit and vegetable production to a halt) is due to the use of systemic pesticides which need to stop being used immediately: http://www.vanishingbees.com/ I know this project wasn’t an activist piece, so I add this more as a footnote than a critique, I really enjoyed listening. Peace.
-Colin Donoghue, listener


“…….then came Anna and Claire
Fresher than a breath of fresh air

Having not a single care
They dreamed their way through days
Loved flowers old things rock and stone
Dolmen and ditch bridged time
With song and words and deep primal strings
That tie our worlds so that time itself

Was lost when Anna and Claire came……

I believe the work you do really helps people to value what is important about their place in space – keep it up.”
-Dave Scott, Gortatole Activity Centre Facilitator, N. Ireland, 2011

If You’d Like To…..

“Claire Coté and Anna Keleher collaborated to create one of their “If
 You’d Like to…” audio installations for Great Sand Dunes National Park in 
2010.  Thousands of visitors during the busy season listened quizically and 
pushed pretend buttons as they heard elk bugling, Medano Creek flowing, and
 other evocative sound bytes.  This installation is a creative reminder of
 how automated our culture has become, and how that spills over even into 
our national parks.  In our increasingly urbanized and consumer-driven
 world, many of us have become used to pushing buttons to immediately get 
what we want.  Experiences of nature in the park become almost like items 
in a vending machine, a satellite channel list, or in this case, options on 
a prerecorded phone menu.  Fortunately, these wooden buttons don’t really 
take the visitor to the experience they want, leading to frustration… and
 hopefully a new insight into the disconnect between the consumer’s automated world and the wild, unpredictable natural world.
-Patrick Myers
, Park Ranger, Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, January, 2011

How Far From Home Are We?

“Nice to see (hear) about the adventure. Great drawing – it made me want to insert myself into it!”
-Chris Cote (Wildland Fire Fighter), July 2008

Approaching an Exchange…

“When I listened to the words of your [Exchange] project on DVD, I fell silent and was touched by the intimacy of the ambiance. Every participant tried to share in the question with a serious idea of something very important in life. And as many different participants took part on the project, as different were the suggestions. This confirms the singularity of human beings in an amazing range! Everyone is made as a precious and non-replaceable object. May our eyes be opened for the value of everyone, whether they are lovely or hate-filled!”
-Alex Mathis  (Swiss, project participant), November 2008

“REALLY enjoyed the whole process on Sat. Found your and Claire’s work really thorough, and tight, and that has left me spinning off into really wide, wide fields of associative thought. Feel like it’s a huge piece of work. I have thought about the walk and the exchange every day since.”
-Kate Paxman (Audio artist and project participant), September 2008

“Very contemplative but also a wonderful strong sense of sharing/communing with each other and nature. You both make a dynamic duo.”
-Hellen Snell (Visual artist and project participant), September 2008

Eating Time Taming Food

“The performance day was beautifully choreographed and the weather only added to the experience. The primeval trek to pull histories out of the earth was a remarkable event that was multi-sensory but also opened up the imagination to the richness of place. Well done.”
-Alan Boldon (Project Participant and MA Arts and Ecology Tutor), December 2007