Collaboration in the Arts

Collaboration has come to play a prominent role in the practices of many contemporary artists. As a collaborative team, “Claire and Anna” we continue to explore and discover the advantages, potentials and challenges of collaboration. We offer some resources on collaboration in this section of our site.

Collaborative Arts - conversations on collaborative arts practise

“In the last 10 years or so collaborative art practices have moved in to the mainstream of cultural production, and collaboration is now largely taken for granted as one of the numerous ways that artists can choose to operate. Despite this, artistic collaboration still raises some interesting and crucial questions about the nature of authorship, authenticity and the artists’ relationships to their works & audiences that inevitably disrupts the persistent and popular image of the artist as a ‘heroic’ solitary figure.” explore this site

Dynamic Duos

by Hilarie M. Sheets
“A growing number of artists make art as collaborators—brainstorming, inspiring, arguing, and asking each other silly questions…..” read full article


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