Submission for ISEA2012 and NEW ‘If you’d like to…..” video!

For the last two weeks the plenary emails and skype calls have been flying back and forth between New Mexico and Devon. We have been hard at work on a submission application and new short video. We have been submitting a revised and updated version of our site-specific piece, ‘If you’d like to….’ this time for ‘Albuquerque’, the location for the upcoming ISEA2012, next year’s Symposium for the International Society of Electronic Arts. This year, 2011, the symposium was held in Istanbul, so it is a big deal for the small contemporary art world of New Mexico to host such a happening. With its international scope and over 65 local organizations and institutions involved, the week-long symposium and associated exhibitions next September – December promise to be an exciting time in New Mexico. The theme is “Machine Wilderness” – apropos, we think, for ‘If you’d like to….Albuquerque’.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and in the meantime, enjoy the new video:


About claireandanna

We are an international art collaborative exploring place and time......
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