Approaching an Exchange: Albuquerque

Potentizing elements of our lives, cultures and times

A collaborative project by Anna Keleher and Claire Long

An inter-temporal “Exchange” initiated in Dartmoor National Park, England now comes to New Mexico! Through the idea of exchange, the participatory project presses against boundaries of time and preconceptions of past and present peoples and cultures.

Becky brings salt

Film short – in the University of New Mexico Art Museum
Visitors to Dispersal/Return at the UNM Art Museum are invited to experience “Approaching an Exchange: Dartmoor”, a short collage of sound and image collected from visitors to a Bronze Age roundhouse on wild and windy Dartmoor during the project’s UK pilot phase.

Live events – at a nearby prehistoric site, September 29th and October 3rd, 10 am – 2 pm
Artists Claire Long and Anna Keleher invite you to add your voice to the growing community of Exchange participants, journeying with them to a nearby prehistoric, archaeological site to share elements of your lives and cultures with the original inhabitants. Light lunch will be provided. Reservations required; early booking recommended; places limited.

For reservations or more information visit the museum, call 505-277-2868 or email

Presented as part of Dispersal/Return: Land Arts of the American West 2000 – 2006
August 28 – December 20, 2009 – Reception Friday, September 25, 5-7pm
University of New Mexico Art Museum, Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque
and Land Arts New Mexico and

Listen to a Radio Devon BBC interview about Approaching and Exchange: Dartmoor – COMING SOON!

Rebecca Brings an EggApproaching an Exchange is a site-based, participatory project embodying an intercultural, inter-temporal “exchange” with the original inhabitants of prehistoric archeological sites. We invite small groups of people to these sites to participate. In preparation we ask them to bring an object or idea that reflects them personally, culturally or professionally to share with the original inhabitants and to identify a gift to offer and a gift to receive in exchange with those people.

We can only interpret the past through our present experience and by the same token, perhaps we can learn about the present by reaching for perceptions of the past. The breadth of the project expands as the community of exchange participants grows. We hope you will join us!

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